* The “Obama can still appoint Merrick Garland” trope always seemed stupid and easily reversible. Here’s a thorough explanation of why. [Washington Post / Volokh Conspiracy] * Now that Twitter has officially begat a president, it’s time for law professors to fully embrace the platform. Make Academia Great Again! [Prawfsblawg] * Someone at Barclay’s is a Simpsons fan… and that knowledge has spawned a DOJ investigation. [Lowering the Bar] * The Top 5 Fantasy Sports and Law stories of the year. [Forbes] * Discussing the legal status of the different participants in the Rogue One mission. [The Legal Geeks] * Should Facebook be in the business of labeling fake news? [Dorf on Law] * What’s it like to work in an American firm in London? [Legal Cheek]

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