* Luke Skywalker’s legal duty to save the galaxy. (Spoilers for The Last Jedi.) [The Legal Geeks] * Will the class-action lawsuits against Apple for throttling older phones lead to a resurgence in class-actions? [Law and More] * The latest episode of the Amicus podcast explores how to combat a history of harassment in the judiciary in the wake of the Alex Kozinski scandal. [Slate] * Tracking the use of the phrase “help me” by Supreme Court justices in oral arguments… which is to track the passive-aggressive stylings of the Court. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Yup, this is how the President of the United States used his Twitter account in 2017. [The Hill] * Speaking of the President, he teases a Constitutional crisis in an impromptu interview. [Huffington Post] * Could a feminist perspective change the tax code? [TaxProf Blog]

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