So you’ve been good this year, really good – maybe you’ve done some 5ks, some 10ks, a 10 mile, a half marathon, even a full marathon? Hell – maybe you just kept on the damn treadmill a few times a month, and that’s more than you managed last year. Whatever your victories – large or small – here’s a ready-made four hour playlist compiled from favorites from this year’s Bitter Empire roughly monthly series of playlists to make running suck less.

Maybe you don’t think running sucks – maybe for you running is a dream within a dream. If so, good on you – maybe try to make it your 2016 squad goal to find a way of putting that unicorn chow in the water supply for the rest of us. But if running a mile or few or many is something you have to pick your ass up by the shoulders every damn time to get done, this playlist is for you.

To recap, our playlists have been hand-plucked, fall within the highly-runnable ranges of 77-88 or 150-175 BPM1, and have all been vetted under the influence of actual running by yours truly.

This playlist will take you from 2015 new releases to classic and new country twang, from the unmemorable blur of the 90s to yacht rock of the 70s, from classical good-for-you to GenXer 80s lullabies.

How far will four hours take you?

  1. unearthed with the assistance of Spotify + Sort Your Music

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