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  • “It’s a very bad statute,” complained Justice Antonin Scalia toward the end of today’s oral argument in Whitfield v. United States. He was referring to 18 U.S.C. § 2113(e), which imposes a minimum of ten years in prison when a bank robber “forces another person to accompany him” during or when fleeing from the robbery. […]
  • LONDON, Dec 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Syria was bottom and Ukraine had the biggest slide in a human rights index published on Wednesday, as countries suffering from conflict grappled with human trafficking and other rights violations. Source:
  • BETHESDA, Md./WASHINGTON, Dec 2 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama urged Congress on Tuesday to approve $6.18 billion to help fight the Ebola outbreak, reminding them that even though the story has faded from the headlines, the battle against the virus is far from over. Source:
  • And just for good measure, an NYU law student composes a “parody” of the situation and it goes about as well as you’d expect. Source:
  • The transcript in B&B Hardware, Inc. v. Hargis Industries, Inc. is here. The transcript in Whitfield v. United States is here. Source:
  • Scantron* A modest proposal for a new course evaluation form. [LawProfBlawg] * An interview with former Senator George Mitchell. Did you know he turned down Justice Breyer’s seat because he wanted “to pass significant health care legislation.” The appropriate 90s response is to cue Nelson Muntz. [Coverage Opinions] * George Washington may have doomed your […]
  • There are several steps which must be taken to ensure proper sharing of these items with litigation financiers. Source:
  • Please welcome new columnist Sam Wright (not his real name), who will be covering the world of public interest law. Source:
  • A second state — Louisiana — told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that the Justices should consider taking on the constitutional dispute over same-sex marriage without waiting further. It is important, the state said in urging prompt review of a federal judge’s decision upholding Louisiana’s ban on such marriages, that the Court examine the dispute […]
  • Who knew John Roberts could lay down sick rhymes like these? Source:


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