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  • As you might have heard Frank Sivero, who is most remembered for his iconic role as a frozen corpse in Goodfellas, is suing the creators of the Simpsons. Sivero’s cause of action is based off of the supposed theft of his one-dimensional stereotype in the 1990 Scorsese classic, which Matt Groening et al turned it […]
  • Why are the courts spending so much money on technology, and what does it mean for litigators? Source:
  • <img width="150" src="" alt="Argument analysis: Justices seem likely to affirm Omnicare” title=”Argument analysis: Justices seem likely to affirm Omnicare“>Omnicare” title=”Argument analysis: Justices seem likely to affirm Omnicare“>Following yesterday’s oral argument, there is not much doubt that the Supreme Court is inclined to affirm the decision of the Sixth Circuit in Omnicare, Inc. v. Laborers District […]
  • At 10 a.m Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hold one hour of argument in Yates v. United States, testing the sweep — or the narrowness — of a federal law that seeks to protect evidence of crime from being destroyed. Arguing for a Florida fisherman who went to jail after a conviction under that law […]
  • The market now understands that developing oil deposits in Nigeria is not just reserved for foreign companies, says Wale Tinubu, Chief executive officer, Oando. Source:
  • Kenyatta and Ruto have turned their indictments at The Hague into a public relations coup at home. Source:
  • Zimbabwe’s two main political parties are more focused on succession than fixing the economy. Source:
  • If only this guy were at an Am Law 100 firm so we could make Biglaw/Big Love jokes. Source:
  • The federal Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), 18 U.S.C. § 924(e), is a severe repeat-offender statute. It provides that a federal firearms offender who has three prior convictions from “any court” for “a violent felony” must be sentenced to a mandatory minimum fifteen-year imprisonment term. Subsection (2)(B) of the statute then defines “violent felony” as […]
  • * Ebola clauses becoming more common in shipping contracts Source:


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