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  • ABIDJAN, Feb 18 (Reuters) – West Africa recorded 128 new confirmed cases of Ebola in the week to Feb. 15, the first decrease in three weeks, but resistance in some communities threatened efforts to end the epidemic, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. Source:
  • * Bill Clinton’s professor thought Bubba should have taught tax law. Then maybe something could have trumped this tale. [TaxProf Blog] * If you’re looking for a hell of a procedural fact pattern, try to unravel the gay marriage situation in Alabama. [PrawfsBlawg] * Do law professors get lazier over time? [The Volokh Conspiracy / […]
  • Come to our Converge Conference on March 18th. Source:
  • At its Conference on February 20, 2015, the Court will consider petitions seeking review of issues such as tour-guide licensing requirements under the First Amendment, state laws banning false political speech, and mandatory minimum sentences under the Eighth Amendment. This edition of “Petitions to watch” features petitions raising issues that Tom has determined to have […]
  • Venture capitalists invest in early stage growth companies, typically in high technology industries, such as biotechnology, energy, or IT. Source:
  • The lawyer has apparently taken a one-year sabbatical from her litigation job. We guess the firm doesn’t think she’ll be back — it already pulled her bio from its website. Source:
  • When the Supreme Court takes up the Affordable Care Act again on March 4, the fate of President Obama’s health-care law will once again be on the line, as it was in 2012. Only this time, the Court will be playing a different role than in the landmark decision of National Federation of Independent Business […]
  • With more unemployed law school graduates starting solo practices, they are becoming your competition. Some of them may end up being quite good. If you don’t help the competition find a job, they may end up taking yours. Source:
  • A new flower park holds promise for the commercial floriculture business, but logistics remain a major impediment, as a consultant’s experiment showed. Source:
  • MAROUA, Cameroon/MAIDUGURI, Nigeria, Feb 18 (Reuters) – N igerian forces have killed more than 300 Boko Haram fighters during an operation to recapture 11 towns and villages since the start of the week, the military said on Wednesday, as its war increasingly sucked in neighbours Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Source:


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