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  • We welcome your submissions for our sixth annual holiday card contest. Here are the rules; please read carefully! Source:
  • * An Assistant DA in Barrow, Alaska, was shot and killed the other day, allegedly by a man jealous that his ex-girlfriend had started dating the ADA. [KTUU] * Legislature amends law “to protect quacks.” That sounds like a good use of their time. [Slate] * David appeared on Today’s Verdict to discuss his new […]
  • Above the Law extends thanks to its advertisers. Source:
  • News and information is distributed socially today, person to person, and your law firm should get used to that. Source:
  • What was this partner thinking when he filed this off-the-wall petition with the Supreme Court? Source:
  • The five stages of grief apply to job losses as well. Take it from Shannon Achimalbe, who recently lost her job. Source:
  • Justice Sotomayor delivering the opinion of the Court. In Warger v. Shauers, the Court examined Federal Rule of Evidence 606(b), which generally prohibits the testimony of jurors about statements made during deliberations when the testimony is offered in “an inquiry into the validity of a verdict or indictment.” In a unanimous opinion by Justice Sotomayor, […]
  • Yesterday the Court issued its first two signed opinions of the Term, both unanimous. In Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk, it held that workers at a warehouse are not entitled to compensation for the time that they spent waiting to undergo, and then to undergo, anti-theft screenings. In Warger v. Shauers, it held that an […]
  • This week is when it is hoped that there may be some progress on some of the more contentious issues in the high level segment of the climate negotiations in Lima. Source:
  • Legislators and government officials are caught in a tug of war over how a $1 billion Eurobond secured by the government in September this year was used, with each side taking entrenched positions in counter rebuttals. Source: