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  • The increase in law school applications is staggering. Source:
  • Guide to Economic Indicators ———————————————————– This Diary is filed daily. ** Indicates new events ———————————————————– TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12 BUENOS AIRES – Central Bank of Argentina releases monetary policy statement. SYDNEY – Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe will give a speech at the Australian Payment Summit 2017 in Sydney – 2215 GMT. Source:
  • The petition of the day is: Gonzalez-Badillo v. United States 17-696 Issue: Whether, upon obtaining general consent to search a bag or other area, law enforcement may, consistent with the Fourth Amendment, “pry open” or otherwise cause intentional damages to personal property found within that might reasonably hold the object of the search. The post […]
  • Marinello v. United States is a criminal tax case that presents a limiting-principle puzzle. It turns on the meaning of I.R.C. § 7212(a), which makes “corrup[t]” “obstruction” of “the due administration of this Title” a felony. The language is “ungodly broad,” as Justice Elena Kagan described it, because of, as Justice Neil Gorsuch suggested, the […]
  • Despite signing both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and being one of six original justices appointed to the Supreme Court, James Wilson is not often thought of as a leading light among America’s founders. One explanation for this is that Wilson’s time on the Supreme Court was not especially noteworthy; only nine cases […]
  • Sometimes when you are beat, it is best to fold early, fall back to civility, and maybe use a touch of begging to get the job done. Source:
  • Federal judge steps in where South Carolina failed. Source:
  • Are males who allege sexual assault or harassment treated differently than females who make similar allegations? Source:
  • LONDON, Dec 7 (Reuters) – Some spot activity returned to the market on Thursday mopping up a few more January loading cargoes while India’s IOC ended up taking four cargoes of West African crude in its latest tender. Source:
  • In Murphy v. Smith, the Supreme Court is charged with interpreting statutory language that on its face appears straightforward. In prisoners’ federal civil-rights cases that result in an award of money damages and attorney’s fees, the Prison Litigation Reform Act requires that “a portion of the judgment (not to exceed 25 percent) shall be applied […]
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