Michael Kosta is hosting a new show, The Comment Section, airing on E!, Fridays at 10:30/9:30c. The premise of the show seems to be The Soup meets the Internet? And that’s not a diss’ – The Comment Section is Joel McHale’s brainchild, and we love us some Joel McHale. While the premise may seem unclear the show is without a doubt a level of meta that should keep us all entertained.

Also, E! – seriously, give us some better clips and stop with the autoplay. We want to talk about you, but you make it SO f’ing hard to embed anything good.

Anywho, the show begins with what is essentially a monologue – Kosta describes some of the most ridiculous entertainment stories of the week, but then delves further, digging up the most absurd and hilarious comments on those stories and skewering them for our viewing pleasure.

Kosta also brings in Correspondent Whitney Rice who is charming and hilarious while she rips into commenters who trolled the all-female cast of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

Our favorite segment? Answers to the questions commenters posed to Alison Hennegan after a Ball Park hot dog sponsored post. Kosta calls the Hot Dog Dispatch line, which is, dear jeebus a real thing in the world. Hilarity ensues. We assume that Ball Park has since banned whatever in-studio phone number that Kosta was calling from, but frankly, we’re probably going to acquire Ball Park hot dogs next time we’re at the grocery store.

Our least favorite segment was the interview. The interviewee, Candis Cayne, fell a bit flat and seemed a little E!-centric. We’re desperate to see Kosta interview internet trolls, because we think that would be much funnier and more in keeping with the show’s conceit.

The show was funny, and stacks up well against SyFy’s similar sci-fi themed version, Reactor. Kosta will be an excellent host, but he seemed a little stilted in this first episode. Our final assessment, if you like The Soup, you’ll probably like The Comment Section and we figure about four weeks in, it’ll probably be funny as hell.

Rating? Arbitrarily Happy Snail.

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