Violet Meets Pablo

It’s that time again, children. Another edition of a drag queen ranting about other drag queens who are significantly more famous. What? Me? I’m not bitter. Just ask my boss, the editress of Bitter Empire. Oh. Wait.

Moving on… That’s right, it’s your recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Prancing Queens (Logo, Monday, 9/8c)

Miss Fame is gone. This is a huge indicator that the remaining girls can’t rely on pretty. Much talk about this ensues and then Mother Ru glides into the work room to talk to the fabulous 6 queens that remain and gives them another opportunity to shine. That’s right, it’s their debut appearance in the “Real Housewives of Drag Race!”

The girls take tape to their heads and give us some lifeless eyes realness! Yes gawd!

I don’t know how they picked a winner, it had to be completely random, but the judges went for Violet Chachki’s “Kelly Mantle” realness.
RuPaul tells the ladyboys that the maxi-challenge will be a pairs challenge. The queens will perform a Dancing with the Stars-style dance, with a twist – presenting in half drag and half boy. And seriously, can we get away from groups, like for real?! We have officially had it!

Sorry, I’m better now.

Violet gets to pick her partner and pick the other pairs. Sabotage Realness Commence!

Violet picks Katya and we are baffled at why she went for a comedy queen. Really, everyone knows Kennedy Davenport is a dancer. She pairs Kennedy with Pearl. Oh, so it was all about sabotage. Motivation understood. This pairing is better than watching the odd couple.

Trixi Mattel and Ginger Minj are paired once again–to Trixi’s total dismay.

For reasons we can not fathom, the girls are sent off to rehearsal with Carson Kressley. Rehearsal goes exactly as it is edited to go: everyone but Kennedy Davenport struggles.

Our favorite rehearsal moment: Ginger Minj doing the Electric Slide. Damnit! Why can’t we gif that? Well whatever, you know it. This one:

Hey, if we’re gonna be song-poisoned, so are you. We believe in sharing the pain.

The runway on the Main Stage is still their split look, which made me kind of meh. The outfits were provided by the show and the only thing the ladies had to provide was hair, accessories and their make-up. This challenge should’ve been done towards the beginning–maybe with 10 girls.

Violet Meets Pablo

RuPaul comes out and stuns everyone with a…wait for it…TEAR-A-WAY!!! The children have officially lived!


Pearl and Kennedy get the Charleston/Twerk Mash-up and it was cute.


Kennedy and Pearl

Trixi and Ginger do a Country/Robot and it was cute.


Katya and Violet got Tango/Vogue and it was cute.


They all did wonderful and it’s basically a crapshoot!

Alyssa Milano (Super Pregnant) and Rachel Harris (Super Hilarious) judge this toss up. Violet and Katya win challenge, which gives Katya a second win and makes Violet the only queen to not be in the bottom two…yet…(and ugh!)

Ginger Minj and Trixi Mattel end in the bottom two and we hate this, absolutely hate this! They lipsync their hearts out to a gay classic, Show Me Love by Robin S. and we live for their performances but it’s The Minj who pulls it out with a tad more energy at the end and sends Trixi home, again (#Justice4TrixiAgainMaybePleaseUgh!).

The competition is getting tight and at least we are more invested in these girls doing well! Until next time, make good choices!

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