Another Monday, another dollar? More like another disappointing decision à la Ru, but more on that later. It’s time for RuPaul’s Drag Race (Monday, 9/8c, on Logo) so take off the beer goggles and put on the shades hunty cause it’s about to get real!

We open with an almost sad Ginger Minj, bemoaning the downfall of Trixi Mattel. Again. (#Justice4TrixiAgainPlease?!) A little shade is thrown before the Minj opens up. On noes! She practically cries her eyes out every time they get back to the hotel. Although, this is understandable: drag is not easy and being in the glass bubble they are in can’t be any easier.

The mini-challenge is everyone’s favorite, the famous puppet challenge! If you have not seen this it is basically a reading challenge on crack and we are excited! Everyone but Kennedy Davenport was amazing but Ginger Minj takes the win with her corseted Violet Chachki puppet.

After the puppet-y shade, Ru introduces a special guest to help explain the branding maxi-challenge. And in comes HELLO KITTY! I’m not actually excited and unless you’re an 8 year old girl or live in Japan, you were probably a bit, “meh” too. The challenge is interesting, it’s a sewing challenge with nothing but Hello Kitty! products.

Why wasn’t this challenge the first one? We would’ve got more looks, chaos and opportunity for different girls to shine in the beginning. I seriously need a sit down with the writers of this show. We are dedicated to helping here at Bitter Empire.

The best part is Santino Rice is coming back to judge this week. Not only is he at the table, but Ru brings him to advise the queens.


Violet Chachki has a lady boner for Santino and if you’ve seen him at the gym, you’d understand why!

Unfortunately, Katya, Pearl and Ginger Minj are lost and that’s before Ru’s bomb…that the queens have to create a Hello Kitty! character in addition to their inspired look. Cue the exploding heads!

Pearl opens up about her character and how she started drawing her as a little boy to escape the whoa’s of her childhood and one day instead of painting Pearl on paper she painted her on herself. Ru comes walking down the runway with Japanese inspired hair and her same silhouette dress. I don’t mind the silhouette, it’s gorgeous but can this bitch please take some risks and I’m not talking about that god awful orange and yellow leather dress because it was the same silhouette.

If Ru was in the competition and walked the runway in the same silhouette, she’d get clocked hard. It’s season seven Ru – wake up! Sorry, I didn’t have breakfast and get “hangry” when I don’t eat.

Ginger Minj comes down as a Hello Cow, and we are confused. Pearl and Katya give us everything as their characters. Hello Kitty! Eleganza is the category and Violet Chachki slayed us with her out of the box (but in the cage) look. Ginger Minj is being attacked by a fly and we live for this moment, unscripted and wonderful!

Pearl gives an epic read on the stage and the judges slaughter Katya and Kennedy Davenport.


Violet Chachki wins. Again?! Ugh! At least we don’t hate her like we once did.

And surprise, surprise Kennedy Davenport and Katya land in the bottom two. Kennedy stretches and Katya looks like a deer in headlights and Katy Perry’s Roar plays. Kennedy literally gives us EVERYTHING, I’m talking about the entire grocery list AND the kitchen sink. She did an 8 foot jump split drop. It was too much for even Katya’s drop split and Kennedy sends her home.

We are saddened that she is gone, because we lived for her but we can not deny that Kennedy gave us everything and deserved to stay based on the lipsync alone. We are down to the final four and we are rooting for Ginger Minj, it’s time a big girl wins it all!

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