Why Do We Have Managing Partners Exactly? Joe Patrice explains why the business of law firms is defined by rank hubris. Gun Violence At A Family Law Firm: A gunman open fired at the office of the lawyers that represented his ex-wife, before turning the gun on himself. Read about the incident here. FBI Pressured Law Student To Recant Story Of Police Profiling: In 2011 then-UVA Law student Jonathan Perkins came forward with a tale of racial profiling, and later recanted the story. Now Perkins has come forward with details of pressure the FBI put on him to say he made it all up. New Office? Time To Downsize — Staff That Is: Milbank is getting a jazzy new location in the Hudson Yards, but not every member of the staff will be making the move across town. New Federal Judicial Nominations Are Out: In this administration, a stellar Twitter feed is an excellent qualification for a lifetime appointment. (Plus, you know, 12 years on the Supreme Court of Texas.)

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