And soon, you’ll be able to fulfill that superhero dream. Because, science.

That’s right, scientists are currently attempting to make all our dreams come true with this stretchable conducting cable.

The fiber itself is made from sheets of carbon nanotubes wrapping around a rubber core. Oh, that sounds boring? Well, do flexibile exoskeletons and morphing aircraft sound boring, hmmmm?? That’s right, it’s like something right out of a comic book. Ray Baughman, one of the team that developed the fiber, says that it can stretch up to 14 times its original length and while it is being stretched it increases its existing conductivity.

Researchers believe that the fiber will be easily commercialized, and applied first to flexible electronics – ultra stretchy cords for consumer electronics, extendable robotic arms, but eventually a mighty morphing jet that adapts to flight conditions is a definite possibility.

Check out how it works in this video from UT Dallas.

In addition to your new morphing jet, science is hard at work at letting you breathe underwater. Just like AquaMan!

Well, maybe without the whale.

Like-A-Fish Technologies has been working on creating artificial gills for the past decade. They have found a way to provide breathable oxygen extracted from water. Currently, their work focuses on applying that technology to submersibles like the iNova submarine, but they are also working hard to find a way to improve the SCUBA experience by miniaturizing their technology.

Were you hoping for something less aqua and more aerial? The Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack. No, for real. Here is a pretty incredible video of someone actually flying the thing:

And were you to think this was a solution in need of a problem, Martin will tell you the many uses their jetpack would have in the hands of first responders.

That’s a way smarter reason than the ones shown in Tommorowland, Disney-Jerks.

Fine, you’re not interested in morphing jets, human flight, or artificial gills? What about invisibility? That’s right Potterites, one day soon you too could have Harry’s infamous invisibility cloak. There are a number of different methods currently under investigation.

The University of Rochester is working on a system using simple optical lenses, but the application is anything but simple. The lenses are used to bend the light around the object you’re looking at from any particular dimension. The research team explains in this fascinating video:

If you were looking for a different approach to invisibility, check out Hank from the very excellent SciShow as he compiles of the many different approaches to invisibility.

Still don’t think we’ll be able to be our own superheros? How about we toss in a pinch of telekinesis?

You know you’ve always wanted to snap your girlfriend’s bra from three feet away. Who hasn’t had that dream?

Soon, a tiny tattoo may help you do just that. Todd Coleman’s team at the University of California at San Diego is creating a temporary tattoo made of flexible circuitry that can detect electrical signals from the brain, incorporate solar cells for power and antennas that allow them to communicate wirelessly or receive energy.

Currently, that technology looks a little more like this grad student from the University of Minnesota who is controlling a drone with this brain cap.

And so, combining all of these technologies, you (or someone like you with a far deeper pocketbook) can soon become the next Batman. Screw that. You’d be like Batman on ‘roids with a touch of one of those super-villains thrown in for good measure.

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Featured Image: PVP and Scott R. Kurtz

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