The Texas Law Hawk is back with another inspiringly insane vision to protect your rights.1

The Law Hawk will protect you from being arrested for playing Hungry Hungry Hippos as part of an elaborate gambling syndicate and drug smuggling scheme. It’s important for your firm to specialize, people. That’s advice you can take to the bank.

Since we first met the Law Hawk, he has expanded his repertoire of smashing tree branches and kicking things. Law Hawk’s new interests include catching fish with his bare hands, petting plastic hawks and jumping out of moving cars without setting the brake.

We here at Bitter Empire can’t decide what we love most about this: is it the patriotism of seeing the Hawk run through the woods with the American flag? The exploding fire effect? Or is it just the Law Hawk’s hunger for justice?

Yet again, we salute you Law Hawk and Law Hawk’s Adobe After Effects savvy friends, because this is one hell of a sequel.

And, next time we are arrested in Texas for participating high stakes CandyLand, we know just who to call.

  1. We don’t know why the Law Hawk left us, but after his first commercial was removed from YouTube we searched the intertubes high and low and found a replacement. Proving once again that nothing ever truly disappears from the interwebs.

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