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  • * The FCC declares net neutrality. Now an explanation of what that really means. [Gizmodo] * Today in “delightful things police departments do,” we have the tale of a woman held in a black site by Chicago police for 18 hours before being allowed to contact a lawyer. That’s the Chicago way. [The Guardian] * […]
  • Why have a bar exam if it is going to be more of what law school is supposed to test and does not test something important to the state giving the test? Source:
  • It looked bleak for petitioner Baker Botts from the earliest moments of the argument yesterday in Baker Botts L.L.P. v. ASARCO LLC. The issue in the case is whether the fees that a law firm (Baker Botts) spends defending a fee application in bankruptcy can be compensated out of the estate, and the Justices who […]
  • Columnist Keith Lee wants to know: if you’re going to steal someone’s intellectual property, why on earth would you steal from LAWYERS? Source:
  • There has to be a better way to do legal research, right? Source:
  • JOS, Nigeria, Feb 26 (Reuters) – Simultaneous bombs exploded at a bus station and opposite a university in the central Nigerian city of Jos on Thursday, a witness said. Source:
  • The French-tunisian gallery owner goes streetside in Djerba to hit the moving target of art’s new talent. Source:
  • LONDON, Feb 26 (Reuters) – Any further delays to Nigeria’s election would be unacceptable and the opposition will take the government to court if the election commission chief is forced out, presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari said on Thursday. Source:
  • As a lawyer, columnist Harry Graff found it extremely difficult to look past all improbable things that occur on this show. Source:
  • Scott Dodson, editor, The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cambridge University Press, 2015 (336 pp., cloth, $29.99) Scott Dodson, the editor of this volume, has brought together an impressive group of law professors, lawyers, historians, and journalists to write about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy. There are sixteen essays, each devoted to different periods of […]
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