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  • Making it to midlevel status in Biglaw isn’t easy — but once you get there, life is pretty good. Source:
  • * Ugh, you throw one stinkin’ party that infringes on the Pokemon copyright and the lawyers shut you down. Buzzkills. [Vice] * You know what Ryan Phillippe loves to do? Run around without his shirt on and talk about how his Stanford Law girlfriend is awesome. Dontcha love it when a piece of man meat […]
  • One defense lawyer has an extraordinary record — just not the kind that anyone with a capital conviction or charge against them wants to see. Source:
  • On September 2 at 1 p.m., the State & Local Legal Center will host a webinar on decisions from the past Term which will require local governments to make changes to stay in compliance with the law. Lisa Soronen will lead the discussion. More information is available on the Center’s website. Source:
  • Raising the chance that the Supreme Court will review his case, former Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell on Monday gained the right to stay out of prison while that appeal goes forward. In a one-paragraph order, without a noted dissent, the Justices put off the process that could have required his jailing within a matter […]
  • Insane law review article prompts professor’s resignation… but how did he get hired in the first place? Source:
  • Moving a statue is pretty much exactly like nuclear war. Source:
  • If you get into legal trouble as a result of work you perform at a law firm, shouldn’t that firm cover the cost of defending you? Source:
  • The confetti’s been blown, the gifs have been made, Miley’s tongue is taking a much-deserved vacation. After weeks of anticipation (or dread, depending on your age demographic), the 2015 VMAs have officially been put to bed. But you didn’t think we were just going to let the biggest party of the year slip right under […]
  • HARARE, Aug 31 (Reuters) – Africa’s richest man, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote, said on Monday he plans to open a $400 million cement plant in Zimbabwe, a major boost for the southern African country that is desperate for foreign investment. Source:
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