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  • It takes a truly remarkable petty crime to move the needle. Source:
  • On October 7, the Bar Association of San Francisco will host a preview on the upcoming Supreme Court Term. Speakers will include Rory Little, Jane Schacter, Fred Smith, and Benjamin Horwich. More information about the event, which will be hosted at the BASF’s Conference Center in San Francisco, is available on its website. Source:
  • * Is there a pattern of dishonesty in the Orange County, CA District Attorney’s office? [New York Times] * Does a lack of SEC enforcement on clawback rules actually create a perverse incentive to manipulate earnings? [MarketWatch] * Shocking news: Men admire their own work more than women do. I know that sentence is full […]
  • UPDATED 5:22 p.m. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin on Wednesday afternoon postponed the execution of Richard Glossip, to provide time to determine the adequacy of the new drug execution protocol the state has adopted. A new execution date was set for November 6. The governor issued a press release and an executive order announcing her action. […]
  • A divorce battle between two Biglaw associates gets ugly — very ugly. Source:
  • The Chinese bar exam is harder and full of moral quandaries Source:
  • Ruling that the Supreme Court has not settled the issue, and setting the stage for the Court to do so, a federal appeals court declared on Wednesday that the main college sports organization’s total ban on any pay for students who play football or basketball at major schools is illegal under federal antitrust law. But, […]
  • People who don’t understand scrutiny don’t understand how the NCAA lost. Source:
  • LAGOS, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Nigeria plans to re-issue its five- and 10-year bonds in the last quarter of the year to raise up to 270 billion naira after JP Morgan’s index on Wednesday delisted half of the maturities belonging to Africa’s biggest economy. Source:
  • As litigation finance has become increasingly prevalent in the United States, it has captured the attention of both companies and their corporate lawyers. Source:
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