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  • Ah, we’re back in Las Vegas, at the lovely Product Placement Hotel. The models return and Mikey says he’s not sharing the Tyra Suite with anyone because of course he does. Mikey says he finally has Best Photo and wants to win the competition. He says it’s not about where he’s from, it’s where he’s […]
  • GENEVA, Oct 31 (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and International Committee of the Red Cross President Peter Maurer made what they called an “unprecedented joint warning” on Saturday for states to stop conflicts, respect international law and aid refugees. Source:
  • The process of selecting juries to try criminal cases has become, at least in high-profile cases, a science of human profiling. Both sides — prosecutors and defense lawyers — try to make educated guesses about how potential jurors may react if seated, at times using behavioral experts to improve the guessing. The final shaping of […]
  • He allegedly wrote in a motion that his farts contain “more integrity and legal competence than is possessed by all the [judges] on this panel combined.” Source:
  • * Even Jordan Weissmann of Slate, who is relatively pro-law school, accepts that there are some people who shouldn’t bother going. [Slate] * Yet another prosecutor with a temper: sorry he whipped out a gun at the office, but “Assistant Prosecutor Chris White is really [really, really] afraid of spiders.” [Charleston Gazette-Mail] * Moot Court: […]
  • We may soon see a reduction in talent in the market for associates. Source:
  • This afternoon the Court issued an initial group of orders from its October 30 Conference, adding one new case to its merits docket for the Term. The Justices had considered Voisine v. United States at two earlier Conferences before granting review today. At issue are the convictions of two Maine men, Stephen Voisine and William […]
  • Government audits continue to reveal that millions of people’s personally identifiable information is at risk. Source:
  • If you recently started my first law job, how can you get used to receiving multiple assignments from different supervisors and having to prioritize everything yourself? Source:
  • If you stay in the game long enough, you eventually have to be called a living legend. The expression is basically meaningless though. It’s like an honorary degree. It has no actual value. Usually, it just means you’re old. But Bill Murray is one of the 8 or 9 people actually deserving of the title, […]
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