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  • Have you got what it takes to top the winners of years past? Send us pictures of your costumes! Source:
  • October was an active month for both the current and retired Justices. On October 6, retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor made an appearance with her brother at the Arizona Opera Book Club to share stories about their childhood and promote the memoir that they co-wrote, Lazy B: Growing Up on a Cattle Ranch in the […]
  • * “Coming to SCOTUS: Battle of the dueling interpretive canons.” [LAWnLinguisitcs] * Fun fact: the highest scorer on the July 2015 Florida bar exam didn’t even go to law school in Florida. [Daily Business Review] * What is “Lean Law,” and how can it help you in your legal practice? [Law Reboot] * Additional information […]
  • For small-firm lawyers, you have to figure out what you need, what’s nice to have, and what you can safely do without. Source:
  • What are some of the tools available to attorneys for billing clients and getting paid? Technology columnist Sean Doherty investigates. Source:
  • Topics discussed range from law firm marketing and legal technology to law practice management and legal research tips. Watch and learn! Source:
  • LONDON, Oct 29 (Reuters) – More Angolan crude grades for December loading traded on Thursday while Nigeria struggled to clear its backlog from November. Source:
  • Algeria will take steps to free up its private sector in response to the plunge in its energy earnings, but change will be slow because of entrenched government bureaucracy, former presidential adviser Abdelmalek Serrai said. Source:
  • When will you be able to get all of your case law for free? Soon! Source:
  • DUBAI, Oct 29 (Reuters) – The deadly crush that occurred at the haj near Mecca last month killed at least 2,070 people, nearly triple the number accounted for in a death toll maintained by Saudi authorities, a Reuters tally indicated on Thursday. Source:
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