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  • What were the 10 biggest stories about the legal profession in 2015, according to readers of Above the Law? Source:
  • * Guess what? Science says political incorrectness is an insincere sham. Sounds about right to me. [The Denver Post] * How are Law and Order: SVU and law school exams the same? The both desperately try to wedge current events into their same old, boring fact patterns. In related news, expect both to soon feature […]
  • Being a lawyer doesn’t mean giving up your morals. Source:
  • Analysis Next Monday, January 11, when the Supreme Court returns from its holiday recess, it will devote an expanded argument to a case that has made unions which represent government workers deeply fearful for their financial future and their public stature. A significant blow to their treasuries could come if non-union workers are able to […]
  • Scientists are discovering the importance of play, rest, and unplugging from work. How can lawyers take advantage of these findings? Source:
  • One of our key clients in Hong Kong (we have made more than 20 placements there over the past 9 years) has an urgent 3rd to 7th year opening in their M&A practice. Native English fluency is required. No Mandarin required. Very strong M&A experience from a top tier firm is required, as is strong […]
  • Who should be Above the Law’s Lawyer of the Year for 2015? Give us some suggestions! Source:
  • * India buying elevated with Paradip startup * Total exports still close to summer high * Ultra-low Nigerian diffs to dated Brent keep cargoes moving By Libby George LONDON, Jan 4 (Reuters) – West African crude oil exports to Asia in January are set to slide from a five-month high reached the previous month, […]
  • Michael C. Dorf is the Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law at Cornell University. He blogs at Dissenting in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Chief Justice William Rehnquist claimed that the controlling joint opinion of Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, and David Souter rejected two key features of Roe v. Wade: abortion was no […]
  • Some Ugandan police officers have been selling cocaine and other drugs confiscated from arrested drug dealers, a story run by government newspaper, New Vision claimed last Saturday said. Source:
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