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  • The oral argument in Williams v. Pennsylvania illustrated the difficulty of fashioning recusal rules that are both fair and administrable. Representing petitioner Terrance Williams, attorney Stuart Lev plausibly emphasized that “this is an extreme and rare case.” After all, Williams’s allegations of prosecutorial misconduct had been rejected by a panel that included the very prosecutor […]
  • Kristin Linsley Myles is a litigation partner at Munger Tolles & Olson LLP. She served as a law clerk to Justice Scalia for October Term 1989. When Justice Scalia joined the Court in 1986, I was in law school. During those years, Harvard was the home of Critical Legal Studies and other deconstructionist theories, and […]
  • Which law schools and judges send the most people into prestigious Bristow Fellowships? Source:
  • * The secret career Ted Cruz doesn’t want you to know about. [Gawker] * Donald Trump is promising to come after the First Amendment if elected president. Reason number 1,238,108 to do everything in our power to make sure he is never president. [CNN] * Bad news for Republicans: history is not on your side. […]
  • Is this the key to getting firms to adopt new technology? Source:
  • (Corrects type of spending in para 4 and table headings) By Chris Arsenault TORONTO, Feb 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The world’s wealthy cities received a large part of the $323 billion governments spent on measures to adapt to climate change last year, but vulnerable cities in the developing world are falling behind, said a […]
  • The transcript in Voisine v. United States is here; the transcript in Williams v. Pennsylvania is here. Source:
  • Lawyers score poorly on the resiliency scale because we habitually engage in negative thinking. How can lawyers improve in this area? Source:
  • Women are as good at criminal defense work as men and it’s high time we get recognized for it and hired more often. Source:
  • Chrysalis Manufacturing Corp. was a Texas-based company that made circuit boards. Over a four-year period between 2003 and 2007, Chrysalis bought electric device components from Husky International Electronics, a Colorado distributor. Problems arose when Chrysalis failed to pay Husky all that it was owed, running up a debt of nearly $164,000. Husky then tried to […]
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