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  • Hello, and welcome back to Off The Menu, where we explore the craziest stories about food from my email inbox. This week, as we come up on the end of Off The Menu, we’ve got a grab bag of stories. As always, these are real stories from real readers. Carrie Creighton: This story takes place […]
  • Carol S. Steiker is the Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School. Jordan M. Steiker is the Judge Robert M Parker Endowed Chair in Law and Director of the Capital Punishment Center at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. As […]
  • * Having placed Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court retirement in political context, let’s now put it into historical context. [Retropolis / Washington Post] * This makes some folks quite upset, but there’s no denying it: the Roberts Court is now truly the Roberts Court (and he probably isn’t thrilled about it either). [Empirical SCOTUS] * […]
  • The court is now on its summer recess. The post This week at the court appeared first on SCOTUSblog. Source:
  • SOCHI, Russia, July 1 (Reuters) – Argentinian headlines may have been dominated by the enigma that is Lionel Messi, tactical turmoil in the team and the Messianic Maradona in the background – but all that is history now as elimination by France spells the end of an era for the two-time champions. Source:
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