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  • Smells Like Middle-Aged Spirit: There’s an impeachment trial, a dress getting DNA tested, Birkenstocks are back… Not Necessarily The Best Though: The 50 hardest law schools to get into. Yeah, No: Rand Paul is that kid in the class who keeps trying and failing. Yikes: Well, that was awkward. Winning Is The Easy Part: Now […]
  • According to a report, drugmakers are expected to lose $17 billion in worldwide sales due to patent expirations this year. Source:
  • Time to take the Pledge! Source:
  • And what year is it anyway? Source:
  • If you’re in Chicago, please come to our annual networking event. Source:
  • What are principles when you can own the libs? Source:
  • This morning the Supreme Court issued the calendar for its March argument sitting, which begins on March 23 and continues through April 1. When they announced late last year that they would take up three disputes over access to President Donald Trump’s financial records, the justices indicated that the cases would be set for oral […]
  • LONDON, Jan 31 (Reuters) – OPEC oil output plunged in January to a multi-year low as top exporter Saudi Arabia and other Gulf members overdelivered on a new production-limiting accord and Libyan supply dropped due to a blockade of ports and oilfields, a Reuters survey found. Source:
  • LONDON, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell lifted force majeure on exports of Nigerian Bonny Light crude as differentials for heavier West African grades continued to suffer amid plunging jet fuel cracks. NIGERIA * Force majeure had been in place on Bonny Light exports for over ten days, in the latest interruption to the […]
  • LAGOS, Jan 31 (Reuters) – More than 1,000 motorcycle taxi drivers marched to the gates of the Lagos state legislature on Friday to protest against a measure that will bar them from much of Nigeria’s traffic-choked commercial capital. Source:
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