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  • This is one thing we can actually thank the pandemic for — without sarcasm. Source:
  • If you want to grow your business, you need help to scale. Source:
  • ShareEach weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court. To suggest a piece for us to consider, email us at Here’s the Friday morning read: Justice Breyer on Retirement and the Role of Politics at the Supreme Court (Adam Liptak, The New York […]
  • Dear Bitter Butch, I am a woman back dating men again for the first time in many years which is stressful enough but I’m also in a complicated, non-monogamous situation that has me looking for open-minded, tolerant people to date. I’ve already had many creepy responses to my online dating profile and one chat with […]
  • There is no doubt that mobile is taking over the internet in terms of use, access and costs and it has changed the digital landscape forever. It is clear that the future of the internet is mobile, especially for the 18-40 age group. There will soon be as many smart phones in use as there […]
  • Here’s the foundational problem with deciding to become a lawyer: If I had told my parents I wanted to be an artist, they immediately would have forced me to do my homework on the career opportunities. They would have mandated the shadowing of professional artists and lengthy visits to a variety of art schools. That […]
  • ShareJust under two months after a divided court allowed an earlier moratorium to remain in place, the Supreme Court on Thursday night blocked the Biden administration from enforcing the latest federal moratorium on evictions, imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The justices divided along ideological lines, with the court’s three liberal justices – Stephen Breyer, […]
  • If You Only Read One Sanctions Order Today: Make it this one. Best In Biglaw: For the virtual work experience. Reed Smith Cuts Jobs: Second time in a year. A Guy’s Dead: And the state AG has a $1,000 fine… Is This An Excessive Punishment? Wanna bet? Source:
  • We appreciate doing business with you. Source:
  • Feel free to drop the reference in any upcoming conversation with the vaccine hesitant in your life. Source:
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