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  • ShareThe Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that oral arguments will follow a slightly different plan when the justices return to the courtroom for in-person arguments next month. Instead of reverting entirely to the traditional “free for all” format for asking questions, the justices will adopt a hybrid approach that sets aside time for the justices […]
  • Clients have privacy and compliance issues right now, and ActiveNav is looking to help. Source:
  • I say this as a law professor. But it comes from experiences that have nothing to do with being a law prof. Source:
  • A law firm with an alleged smush room? That’s a first. Source:
  • ShareEach weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court. To suggest a piece for us to consider, email us at Here’s the Tuesday morning read: Justice Dept. Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Roe v. Wade (Katie Benner, The New York Times) Megan Rapinoe, […]
  • Not Again, Emory: Why does this school keep getting in trouble. Fifth Amendment Crash Course: I’m not sure the attorney for the employer can unilaterally cut off an employee’s Fifth Amendment rights, but this guy gives it the college try. See You Next Year: Another firm realizes it’s time to give up on a 2021 […]
  • Not that we’ll see it again in 2022. Source:
  • ShareAmy Howe is joined by SCOTUSblog’s media editor, Katie Barlow, to preview the court’s upcoming “long conference,” where the justices will sort through hundreds of cert petitions that have been filed over the summer. The pair also dig into the justices’ recent spate of speeches criticizing the press. Listen now on Acast. The post A […]
  • ‘I am excited to join Litera at this time of unprecedented growth and opportunity,’ Miller said in a statement announcing her hire. Source:
  • ShareThe Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will hear argument on Dec. 1 in a challenge to a Mississippi law that bans almost all abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, was already positioned to be one of the highest-profile arguments of the 2021-22 term, because […]
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