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  • ShareChief Justice John Roberts began his 2021 year-end report, as he so often does, with an anecdote from history to set the stage. But by the end of the first page, the message of Roberts’ report, which he released as usual on the final day of the year, was clear. In a year when a […]
  • * Lifestyles of the Rich and the Armed — they’ve got mansions and you ought not rob them. [Daily Caller] * Colorado Governor pardons a grip of folks convicted of weed possession. We should have legalized and decrim’d blunts years ago, but a start is a start. [The Denver Post] * US-Russia relations may sour […]
  • Not The Best Moment For Journalism: Alan Dershowitz sounds off on Ghislaine Maxwell verdict. Rudy Turns On Fox News: Welp, the revolution *does* eat its children. Do Something For Your Mental Health: Dial 988. Fund XX: The investment fund supporting women. The post Another Hit For Alan Dershowitz — See Also appeared first on Above […]
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  • I think the cultural competency training will go something like ‘Now, are we talking deadass? Or *deadass*?’ The post Don’t Phone In Your Mental Health, Call 9-8-8 Instead appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
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  • ShareEach weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court. To suggest a piece for us to consider, email us at Here’s the Thursday morning read: Trump asks Supreme Court to consider Jan. 6 chairman’s interview with Washington Post in bid to block records […]
  • Alan Dershowitz Is Back On TV: Saying exactly what Fox audiences want to hear. Bored In The Pandemic? Apply to law school, like everyone else. Maybe Don’t Let Alexa Babysit: It won’t end well. More Law Firms Delay Office Opening: Because this pandemic still ain’t over. The post Dersh Is At It Again — See […]
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