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  • Oopsie! That’s a $600M mistake… Scary! Using horror films to market your law firm. Byeee! Law firm lateral moves are way up. Oh No! Law students learning about legal theories? Say it ain’t so. Pay Me! Alex Jones best be ready to pay up after his antics. The post That Was A Pretty Expensive Mistake […]
  • We really appreciate you. The post A Huge Thanks To ATL’s Advertisers appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • Georgetown Law incorporating race into legal discussions prompting conservative freak-out. The post ‘Woke Curriculum’ Based On Actual Supreme Court Cases Terrifies Conservatives appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • ShareEach weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court. To suggest a piece for us to consider, email us at Here’s the Thursday morning read: Supreme Court Seeks Comment On Rule Changes For Amicus Briefs (Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson, Bloomberg Law) US Supreme Court […]
  • ShareOn Thursday, March 31, we will be live blogging as the court releases one or more opinions from the current term. Click here for a list of FAQs about opinion announcements. The post Announcement of opinions for Thursday, March 31 appeared first on SCOTUSblog. Source:
  • Ketanji Brown Jackson-mentum: Susan Collins should put the prospective justice over the top. I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke: So maybe they would live up to the spirit of that ad. Because nixing diversity efforts isn’t getting it done. Multiple Sets Of Books… That’s Not A Problem Is It?: The NYAG reports that […]
  • Due to ongoing health concerns, courts should only hold in-person appearances when necessary. The post Courts Should Not Use In-Person Appearances As Punishment During COVID-19 appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • What a way to celebrate the occasion. Congratulations! The post Judge Judy To Keynote Law School’s First In-Person Graduation Ceremony In 3 Years appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • Resignation? Impeachment? Nothing? The post Want Clarence Thomas To Resign? You Aren’t Alone appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
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