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  • ShareThe Petitions of the Week column highlights a selection of cert petitions recently filed in the Supreme Court. A list of all petitions we’re watching is available here. The Clean Water Act allows private actors to sue someone for polluting a water system. But the act prevents these so-called citizen suits if the government is […]
  • The top of Biglaw getting together for an excellent cause. The post The Biglaw Firms Behind The Abortion Defense Network appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • The organic digital marketing power of the internet. The post The Real Cost Of SEO appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • ShareThe federal aggravated identity theft statute imposes a two-year sentence for any person who, “during and in relation to” certain enumerated felonies, “knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person.” On Monday, the Supreme Court will consider the reach of this statute in Dubin v. United States. As […]
  • Much of Biglaw has overshot the needs of, and therefore become overpriced for, many — but not all — of its clients. The post Vaporware Technology Won’t Hide Your Firm’s Business Model Problems appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • Somehow, people seem legitimately confused that they can’t avoid laws with pictures. The post Emojis Can Amount To Securities Fraud. NFT Industry Mind-Blown, Eggplanted. appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • Which law schools are new to (and excluded from) the T14 in this version of the rankings? The post A ‘Preview’ Of The 2024 U.S. News Law School Rankings appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
  • ShareEach weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court. Here’s the Friday morning read: Supreme Court Tackles Fraud Among Business Partners, Not Spouses (James Nani, Bloomberg Law) The Supreme Court Needs to Rein In the Surveillance State (Patrick C. Toomey, The Nation) Section 230, […]
  • Hey ABA, Have You Considered Adding A Gun Module To Lawyer Ethics? Clement Vallandigham would be seething right now. Sometimes Being The Best Is Being The Most Available: Talk about right place right time. Data Says In-House Is In-Trouble: Here’s a deep dive. Now That’s One Way To Violate Local Court Rules: Learn from this […]
  • So much spaghetti against the wall. The post Trump Claims Immunity From Carroll Defamation Suit Because He’s A Journalist Now, Okay? appeared first on Above the Law. Source:
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