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  • * We welcome Howard Bashman to his new homepage! [How Appealing / Above the Law] * An ode to Brian Leiter to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around.” [Philosophy Metablog] * “Lawyers have a powerful voice in the American legal system, government, and news and entertainment businesses. But do they make their […]
  • Above the Law extends thanks to its advertisers. Source:
  • (Adds details on children who had contact with patient in Texas, paragraphs 5-8) Source:
  • GENEVA, Oct 1 (Reuters) – The death toll from the world’s worst Ebola outbreak on record reached 3,338 people out of 7,178 cases in West Africa as of Sept. 28, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. Source:
  • Conservatives are up in arms because Justice Ginsburg talked about abortion. They need to chill out. Source:
  • DALLAS, Oct 1 (Reuters) – Five Dallas-area students were being monitored for possible exposure to Ebola after coming into contact with a man being treated for the disease at a Texas hospital, officials said at a news conference on Wednesday. Source:
  • The law is coming after animal abusers. Source:
  • Does this controversial law school deserve accreditation? Source:
  • Max asked this question one night when there was a full moon. I immediately said no, then told him I would check to make sure. I wasn’t exactly sure that some rogue country like North Korea had claimed the moon or any other planets, stars, or celestial real estate. After checking it out, the answer […]
  • Zimbabwe’s main student body is dragging President Robert Mugabe to court over the awarding of a controversial doctorate of philosophy degree (PHD) to his wife Grace by the country’s top university. … Source: