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  • Why is the social-media giant suing the Biglaw behemoth? Source:
  • * Eric Holder gave millions to Nazis! Or at least that’s how Darrell Issa will put it. But seriously, the Department of Justice has a long-standing policy of allowing Nazi war criminals to collect Social Security payments if they agree to get the hell out of the U.S. [Associated Press via New Europe] * A […]
  • If you’d like to hear two veteran Supreme Court advocates discuss the current SCOTUS Term, we’ve got a great event for you. Source:
  • Why would a high-profile lateral leave his new firm so quickly and with such little notice? Source:
  • Other people rank Biglaw by “firms,” we get into the weeds and rank them by office. Source:
  • Did you try to slog through the entirety of the argument in Holt v. Hobbs, the case about whether the Arkansas DOC can prohibit an inmate from growing a one-half-inch beard in accordance with his religious beliefs? As you were grinding through all 57 minutes of the audio transcript, did you think to yourself “wow, […]
  • Just when you thought this Supreme Court justice couldn’t be any cooler… Source:
  • You have reached the pinnacle of lawyerly success. You convinced enough voters that you had the experience, the intelligence and the integrity to serve on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. You hear that Chief Justice Ronald Castille – your boss – just received a treasure trove of pornographic emails sent to and from high-level attorneys and […]
  • At the beginning of every Term, the Court releases the complete recordings of sessions to the National Archives and Records Administration. Oyez has collected these recordings and posted audio of all opinion announcements, including dissents from the bench, from OT2013. During the last Term, the Court addressed hot-button issues ranging from affirmative action to campaign […]
  • The Supreme Court, taking on an issue that reaches hotels and motels across the nation, agreed on Monday to rule on the power of city governments to require commercial lodgings to open their guest lists to the police. In agreeing to hear a Los Angeles case, the Justices also said they would rule on whether […]