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  • Got a sports law question? Ask it here and we’ll try to answer it for you. Source:
  • <img width="150" src="" alt="After three decades, does Zauderer need updating?” title=”After three decades, does Zauderer need updating?”>Zauderer need updating?” title=”After three decades, does Zauderer need updating?”>Analysis One of the Supreme Court’s free speech cases that still divides judges deeply on its meaning — the 1985 ruling in Zauderer v. Office of Disciplinary Counsel — may […]
  • * We are coming to Chicago, and we’d love to see you at our event on Thursday night — RSVP here. [Above the Law] * Wait, FIFA may be dishonest? Kirkland partner Michael Garcia announces plans to appeal after FIFA releases ethics report on the Russia and Qatar World Cup bidding process that contains “numerous […]
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  • So you talked a court in another jurisdiction into letting you appear pro hac vice! Good for you! But then when you got to that court, you basically behaved like a third-year skills textbook example of how NOT to be a lawyer! Bad for you! Take the case of one Mr. Jeffrey Ryan, who represented […]
  • LONDON, Nov 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – As a Nigerian growing up in the United States, Chika Oduah was always fascinated by her homeland and frustrated by the global indifference to the appalling treatment of women in many parts of West Africa. Source:
  • GENEVA, Nov 18 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization is seeking faster and cheaper tests to detect the Ebola virus to help stamp out the last few cases of the deadly fever once the main epidemic has been tackled, WHO officials said on Tuesday. Source:
  • Sources say that Bingham will NOT go bankrupt. Source:
  • LAGOS, Nov 18 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s long-awaited Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) is unlikely to be voted on by parliament before a general election due in February, the finance minister said on Tuesday. Source:
  • “Julien Blanc may bully Japanese girls, but he will not bully our client.” Source: