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  • NAIROBI, Dec 9 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Tuesday. – – – – – EVENTS: *BOTSWANA: Bank of Botswana announces its latest decision on the benchmark lending rate GLOBAL MARKETS Oil prices plummeted to five-year lows on Tuesday, […]
  • The petition of the day is: Standard Furniture Manufacturing Co., Inc. v. International Trade Commission 14-139 Disclosure: Goldstein & Russell, P.C., whose attorneys contribute to this blog in various capacities, serves as counsel to the petitioner in this case, which is listed without regard to the likelihood that it will be granted. Issue: (1) Whether […]
  • (Corrects figure in third paragraph from the bottom for project suspensions in Libya to $3.55 billion, not $12 billion, in Dec. 4 story) Source:
  • (Recasts headline and first two paragraphs to correct that Sierra Leone officials spoke last week.) Source:
  • The legal market is at a trigger point. That’s our sense of it here at Kinney Recruiting. And that’s why we’re making our prediction for this Holiday Season: this will be the first year since 2007 with a round of general associate salary increases at the world’s elite law firms. It’s hard to believe, but […]
  • There is nothing insensitive about asking women who use the media to spread their accusations to also respond to media inquiry. Source:
  • In United States v. June and United States v. Wong, the Court will revisit a recurring theme for the Roberts Court – identifying “jurisdictional rules,” as distinct from non-jurisdictional “claim-processing rules,” and determining whether time limitations should be subject to equitable tolling. These cases involve the Federal Tort Claims Act (“FTCA”) and the timing requirements […]
  • * The NAACP Legal Defense Fund took to Twitter to name every unarmed person of color killed by the police since 1999. Gawker compiled short bios on each. [Gawker] * Texas planning to ban the “affluenza” defense. [Lowering the Bar] * Pillsbury just moved into a cozy little office. Emphasis on “little.” [The National Law […]
  • Puzzled about just what kind of entity Congress created when it set up Amtrak to run the nation’s passenger trains, the Supreme Court spent an hour Monday trying to decide the future of that system and, indeed, whether even to decide or hand this dispute back to a lower court. In the case of Department […]
  • Was this law school wrong to immediately jump to an allegedly racist student’s defense? Source: