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  • Which kind of a phone would you rather use as a lawyer? Source:
  • Today the Court ordered the parties in Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi v. IndyMac MBS, Inc., to file new, ten-page briefs addressing the possibility that the case could become moot. The Court granted review in the case in early March to consider the statute of limitations for securities class actions, and oral argument is […]
  • The world wants to know when she’ll do it, and she’s finally got an answer. Source:
  • LONDON, Sept 23 (Reuters) – West African nations hit by the Ebola virus epidemic will need international help to rebuild for years to come and it is time for mining companies and business to get involved, the head of the African Development Bank (AfDB) said on Tuesday. Source:
  • There is an epidemic in the legal community. Maybe it is because of the economy. Maybe it is because the lackluster hiring rate for new lawyers. Maybe it is because standards of dress are falling everywhere as a result of Jersey Shore. However, we are in the Trust Tree so lets get this out in […]
  • Is working at a Biglaw firm like eating cockroaches? Source:
  • * Investors jittery over falling oil prices (Adds bond yields, quote, naira value) Source:
  • Max and August often wonder what animals they can have as pets, namely woodchucks, bears, ocelots, and squirrels. Legally. When one day they asked about taming a squirrel and bringing it home, I assumed two things. First, we are talking about a gray squirrel, not a flying squirrel. Second, you need to own a squirrel […]
  • Politicians are getting ready for elections in 2015, while businessmen, financiers and sportsmen plot out their futures. … Source:
  • Sept 23 (Reuters) – PZ Cussons Plc, the maker of Imperial Leather soaps, said continued unrest in northern Nigeria has resulted in a decline in sales in that region. Source: