Being a kid sure had its perks. Someone else paid your bills, everything you did was considered simply adorable, and you got summers off. Adulthood is all: Wake up! You need to make money!

But back in the day, you got to major in sleep. Early to bed, naps, sleep 24/7. Mom would even read to you in bed and sometimes sing you to slumber with lullabies like “Rock a Bye Baby,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Hush Little Baby,” and… “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty”?

That last bedtime song is actually only used on The Big Bang Theory. It’s a fictional song the character Sheldon demands be sung to him when he’s under the weather.

Only problem is, the song’s lyrics were taken from the poem “Warm Kitty,” which was published in 1937 by Edith Newlin. When Edith passed away, her copyrights were passed down to her daughters, Margaret and Ellen. Warner Bros. struck a deal with music company Willis Music in 2007 to use the lyrics—but no one ran it by Margaret and Ellen. And since they say they are now the actual owners of the poem, they are suing Warner Bros., CBS, Chuck Lorre, Turner Broadcasting, and Fox.

According to the suit, the studio “never contacted or made any attempt to contact Edith Newlin or her successors to seek permission to use the Soft Kitty Lyrics, and Plaintiffs never granted any permission … to do so.”

Margaret and Ellen not only want cold, hard cash—they are demanding the hit show refrain from using the song and stop selling merchandise such as this Soft Kitty Talking Plush…

…and this Soft Kitty Women’s Robe.

Soft Kitty and Grumpy Cat should join forces and sue the kitty litter out of anyone who even looks their way.

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