Every week we highlight the legal wrangling of the (sometimes) rich and (somewhat) famous. When you’re one or both of the above, you usually make a few bad decisions and are an easy target, so we always have a lawsuit to point and laugh at.

But what about the people who work below celebs, the stepping stones who are crushed to a bloody pulp on the stars’ way to the top? You can’t expect the famous to fetch their own coffee, rub elbows with the extras, or conduct miscellaneous bitch work. No, for those duties, God created the production assistant, or PA.

PAs are a brave group of entry-level bodies who think they are only transitioning from film school to the big screen. And to that we say, don’t stop believing, PAs. Hold on to the feelin’. And while you’re at it, keep your server résumé up to date.

So, yeah, they don’t command a ton of respect. But would you believe the position requires you to drop a deuce in the back of your beat-up 2003 Honda Civic?

Paramount is facing a class action suit by four PAs in New York who claim they were treated worse than usual—and that included not having access to restrooms. According to TMZ, “Some say it was so bad they had to urinate and defecate into bottles and buckets in their cars.”

They also allege that they worked 60-100-hour weeks and were not compensated for overtime.

In case you think the PAs were working on low-budget indie films, the projects included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.

If victorious in their lawsuit, the PAs may want to take their money and run far, far away from Hollywood and rethink their career path. I hear Andy Gump is hiring.

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