* How Planned Parenthood’s aggressive legal strategy launched them from the defensive to the offensive. [Reuters] * David Boies just saved Natalie Portman’s ass. Yes, you read that correctly. [The Hollywood Reporter] * Don’t be cute and try and violate a restraining order via Facebook. [Associate’s Mind * Arizona wants out of the Ninth Circuit. Good luck with that. [AZ Governor] * Not recommended judicial behavior: hanging a portrait of Adolf Hitler in the courthouse’s Hall Of Heroes. Looks like Oregon’s Judge Vance Day is learning that the hard way. [Raw Story] * You can’t skirt defamation laws by complaining to a disciplinary committee — a doctor files a complaint against an attorney who blogged about him. [New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog] * Writing fiction was “liberating” for this attorney. Check out the new crime novel, A Stirring in the North Fork (affiliate link), to see what he’s talking about. [Teamster Nation] * Despite how sensationalized they can be, the insanity defense is really quite rare. [Huffington Post] * Even if you aren’t rich, you still need a prenup. [My Bank Tracker]

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