* Five years later, and one of them enrolled at Yale Law, the kids of Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, plan to raise their own children the same way. [Today] * Rome self-censors for a state visit from Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. How, exactly, was this a good idea? [Popehat] * Should the ABA change accreditation standards to prevent students with little chance of actually passing the bar examination from attending law school in the first place? [TaxProf Blog] * Missouri paid its executioners $250,000 in cash. That doesn’t seem shady AT ALL. [BuzzFeed] * The whole Ammon Bundy debacle is teaching people damn the consequences. [Lawyers, Guns and Money] * If you need to scale a courthouse in order to get a selfie with lady liberty, just don’t do it, you could wind up in jail. [KWTX] * What does Rudy Giuliani really think about Preet Bharara? Plus why he loves being a lawyer. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA] https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=9yGt3MF4Sn4

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