* Does Chief Justice Roberts care enough about avoiding the appearance of partisanship that he’ll sink challenges to Obamacare? [Huffington Post] * Wow. In 1938, they arrested a woman for wearing pants to court. [LA Times] * LSAT takers were down AGAIN. It’s now down more than 40 percent since 2009. Maybe someday soon it really will be a good time to “Apply to Law School Now!” [Excess of Democracy] * Don’t go to jail in Alabama. Just a general rule. [Mother Jones] * Interesting. LexisNexis is partnering with Microsoft to create a cloud-based system for small law firms. [PR Web] * The remains of famed athlete Jim Thorpe will remain in the Pennsylvania town where he was buried, ruled Judge Richard Caputo. His family wanted the remains returned to his birthplace. Even in death this guy is getting jerked around. [Associated Press via ABC News] * Speaking of sports, Oklahoma State is suing New Mexico State alleging that its mascot looks “confusingly similar” to OSU’s mascot. There are only so many ways to depict a cowboy. Compare and contrast. [The Chronicle of Higher Education] * Man Okie State is litigious all of a sudden. Oklahoma State is suing the University of Texas for poaching the former Cowboys Offensive Line coach to be the Longhorns’ Offensive Coordinator. I can see the deposition now. Imagined transcript after the jump…. [ESPN] Attorney: And how old are you, describe yourself? Other Attorney: Objection, compound. Attorney: Go ahead and answer the question. Mr. Gundy: I’M A MAN! I’M 40!

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