While not the most exciting civilian—being a frequent fixture on the eDiscovery vendor circuit and giving out Tootsie Rolls at legal tech shows in New York—Redactor is indispensable in keeping sensitive metadata from spilling out and ruining a partner’s lunch. His black matter gazerbeam will annihilate basic text and even eviscerate microbial signs of useless information. In addition, he’s a top Adobe Acrobat reseller and knows when and how to use “batch” mode in Adobe Acrobat X.

Metadatrix, otherwise known as the evil purveyor of revelation, is Redactor’s nemesis and continues to dog his pursuit of eliminating embarrassing data. But with Redactor’s recent signing of Kid Xacto to a three-year vendor contract, Metadatrix’s days may be numbered. Stay tuned.

Damage: Does 3 damage on candor, 6+ damage if combined with a scanner, Kid Xacto, and a Sharpie; adds 2 points to discovery disputes and objections
Weaknesses: Neon, CutePDF, TSA Screeners
Arch Enemy: Metadatrix (Supervillain Card #5).

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