Did you try to slog through the entirety of the argument in Holt v. Hobbs, the case about whether the Arkansas DOC can prohibit an inmate from growing a one-half-inch beard in accordance with his religious beliefs? As you were grinding through all 57 minutes of the audio transcript, did you think to yourself “wow, I bet this would be much more bearable if re-enacted by cute puppies”? You probably didn’t, but John Oliver did.

Yes, if you ever wondered how Justice Scalia’s jowly pugnaciousness would look if he were a dog, now you know.

The Notorious RBG, of course, rocks a mean dickie/doily thing about her slender neck, and let’s not forget those enormous glasses.

And Justice Sotomayor, fresh to death in those giant turtlenecks.


Oliver graciously made 10 full minutes of delightful Supreme Court footage freely available so that you too can re-enact anything your little heart desires. We only hope his next step is to create puppy stand-ins for the justices of yore, because Marbury v. Madison would be WAY easier to follow if it involved a handsome boxer or friendly retriever, wouldn’t it?

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