Last week, our lawyer-rock band was playing at a local bar. Typical classic rock cover band, but we’re all lawyers and the band name has a clever lawyer-related pun. Anyway, we’re playing our set, and then as soon as our set is over, some record label bigwig offers us a major deal. We’d finally made it. After all those years in law school, our band finally got signed.

Since a major label signed our band, The Ambulance Chasers, it’s been one non-stop party. A bit tame compared to a lawyer happy hour, but still good. Anyway, now that we’re signed, I thought it would be helpful to offer some band name suggestions to budding lawyer rock bands out there, since, you know, 2/3 of forming a lawyer rock band that plays cover songs at local bars comes down to the lawyer-related pun in the band name.

Here we go:

General Rock:

• Last Clear Chance
• Rock Judicata
• Strict Liability
• The Force Majeures


• Second Amendment
• Terms and Conditions

Hair Metal

• Indecent Exposure
• Assumption of Risk


• The Mistrials
• Minor Breach
• Proximate Cause


• The Palsgraf Fireworks Co.
• Scalia Hates Everyone

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