There is no doubt that mobile is taking over the internet in terms of use, access and costs and it has changed the digital landscape forever. It is clear that the future of the internet is mobile, especially for the 18-40 age group. There will soon be as many smart phones in use as there are people on the planet and a lot of the use happens online and in the cloud.

The main uses of shopping, gaming and entertainment and social interaction, the future use and any growth will occur via mobile platforms.


Over 209 million Americans shop online, have compared products or read a review online at least once in the last year. E-commerce is now done on phones and tablets more than it is on PCs and laptops and has for all intents and purposes become m-commerce. It was expected that mobile commerce would reach 45% of the total e-commerce market in the US and as such it is one of the biggest shopping malls in the planet. The convenience of shopping as you have lunch or commute home is a great use of time. E-commerce site are now optimized for mobile devices and the industry is aware that if a store can’t be accessed via a mobile device its likely to be losing money.

App Development

Apps and games are a massive segment in the mobile device market. Initially the app market focused on entertainment, and this has come full circle with apps now primarily being for business. They are used as a means of interaction and to communicate with your favorite brands. Games are now specifically made for mobile rather than being adapted. A great example is roulette-touch, which is optimized for mobile play. We may think that the constant connection with mobile devices is affecting human interaction and communication, yet it is simply changing it. People are very much still communicating, just through the game, or app that is on their mobile phone.

Social media

One of the premises of social media in a data age is that it must be immediate – people want to be able to react and interact on an immediate/live basis. Having all your social feeds on your mobile device, which also serves as a camera, allows for you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s occurring online and in your circle of influence. In 2019, more than half of those who accessed social media did so on their mobile devices. There are now more mobile device users in the US than users of laptops and computers and as such it would follow that more will use these devices to communicate.

As mobile devices are responsible for the majority of internet interactions it would serve any business well to remember this and ensure that if you are looking to access customers and clients you will have to have a mobile presence.

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